NewTab Multi-Brand Repairs

NewTab offers a service of repair and service of all brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Wiko, Alcatel, LG among many others, also covering solutions for the new brands and devices that constantly appear in the market.

We are specialists in all electronic problems, from replacing screens and touch screens, to recovering data, or replacing components, we do all sorts of repairs.

Our repairs are mostly done on time, and may only take a few minutes, depending on the availability of stock / spares in stock, whose list of references is constantly expanding. For this very reason, we are here when you need it most. We do not close during the lunch period, so that we are always at your disposal. We consider your time very precious and we want to spend it from your mobile phone for the shortest period of time possible.

We also make the free diagnosis and quote to any electronic device. Our aim is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, offering a service of excellence at the best price. Our repairs also have a warranty period of 90 days after the lifting of the equipment from our facilities.